Vintage Barbie | vintagebarbie.com is a personal website owned and operated by Sandra & David Crowell and Linz Turner.  Our goal in creating this site is to provide a source to vintage Barbie collectors, both old and new, full of accurate and detailed information. If we learn of any breaking news or interesting updates, you will find it here.

This fourteen-year-old  site was re-launched on June 1, 2014 and continues to grow on a weekly basis. The hours invested to create a well-informed and accurate site have been endless, but very worth the effort. We hope what you find here at Vintage Barbie will inspire you to return in the near future so that you can experience the fun that is yet to come.

Be sure to carefully read our Terms and Conditions, please.


In order to make this site self-sustaining, we’ve carefully selected a few affiliates to partner with. We welcome and encourage you to check out the sponsored links they provide for our site. When you support our affiliates, they support vintagebarbie.com, which assists us in continuing to provide the beneficial information you find here.


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